Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Megan [Boudoir]

On Sunday I shot Megan's boudoir pictures at the Riter Mansion in Logan. Megan and Travis are getting married at the Riter Mansion and I'm really excited to be photographing their wedding at such a unique location. We planned on using the Master Suite for Megan's boudoir pictures but when I showed up they said we could use the entire mansion! We were the only people in the entire place and we went from room to room taking pictures inside each suite inside the mansion. However, we THOUGHT we were the only two there but we kept hearing someone walking around the mansion. I was snapping some sexy pictures of Megan and then heard and big CREEEKKK! I peered over the camera with my eyes super wide and said, "Did you just hear that?" Megan looked at me with the same terrified look on her face. We didn't see any ghosts but we DID hear something.

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