Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Billy + Becca [Engagements]

oh man, I'm a little behind on posting. I've been wanting to post these pictures all weekend. I've been so insane crazy busy. So, Whats up with all of my clients wanting to do engagement and bridal pictures in the month of April? I swear! Anyway... on to Becca and Billy. These two are tying the knot on July 26th at Saint Thomas More in Sandy and then they are having their reception at Memorial House in Memory Grove. I had a little sneak peek at Becca's wedding dress and its to die for! I often wonder why I'm a wedding photographer instead of photographing sports (ick!) or landscapes (boring). I'm just a little obsessed with weddings... The other day I purchased a bridal magazine and my husband gave me a strange look. Then he asked, "What's that for?" I blushed a little and said, "I like the pictures..."

Anyway, I like these pictures too! I might have a new favorite "dip kiss" photo from this set. The funny thing is that it was Billy's first time doing a dip kiss.


Daniel and Elizabeth Roos said...

Aww these two are my BFFs and I LOVE the pictures! Great work!

Catlin Humes said...

Great pictures. I love the urban feel of the whole shoot. I expecially like the photo of the tree roots behind the couple. Great work, good eye for excellent backgrounds.

Sherry Ward said...

These are WAY COOL!