Sunday, April 6, 2008

Update: Progress on the Studio

I painted the studio light orange and the next morning I woke up and hated it. So, I promptly went to home depot and got a new color. My husband thinks I'm insane for changing the color but believe me it was orange overload! Then my beautiful frosted glass door was installed. I then went to IKEA and purchased my beloved orange leather couch and two black leather chairs. I was going to get white fabric chairs but they were out of stock . The other option was to get "off-white" leather chairs but they looked dirty and dated . Then two small side tables side by side and black leather ottomans that fit under them. I still need to get some curtains, touch up some paint, and hang some pictures.

My husband HATES these little square ottomans. He had the hardest time putting them together. I guess I played the "damsel in distress" when I asked him to put all of this IKEA stuff together.


casablancabride said...

oooo I LOVE it! Looks great!

nicole green said...

i love the green!! and the orange couch is perfect. :) i'm soo jealous! i want a space like this soo bad!