Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guest Sign in Engagement Book

I remember I purchased a guest sign in book for $80 from an online company for our wedding. I ordered the book with 40 white blank pages and an monogram on the cover. I was so excited to have guests write their congratulations and advice then sign their name in the book. I would have a book full of little notes from our guests! Great idea, right? Well, I ended up with the first 2 pages full of names and the rest of the book blank. Not at all what I had in mind for our guest sign in book. So I came up with the idea of the Engagement Book to use as a guest sign in book or to pass around during the reception for guests to write notes and advice to the bride and groom. The book is full of pictures from the engagement shoot with plenty of room for guests to write things in your book. Even if some pages are left blank there are pictures on that page to make it look full and interesting. The guest sign in book is a landscape 10x8 hardbound linen book with a custom dust jacket cover. I'm offering these books at a modest $75.

Page 1
Pages 2 & 3
Page 4 & 5
Pages 6 & 7
Pages 8 & 9
Pages 10 & 11
Pages 12 & 13
Pages 14 & 15
Pages 16 & 17
Pages 18 & 19

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