Monday, July 23, 2007

Photojournalist Photography - $995

I was a bride not too long ago. Less then a year ago actually... Reflecting back on what was important to me in terms of wedding photography it was getting the coverage I wanted for the price I wanted. At the time I didn't care about having a wedding album and I thought that a wedding album was "old fashioned". I feared I would end up with a cheesie white album with gold embossed names and ugly matted 8x10 prints. You know? The kind our parents had. So, we paid our photographer for his time and talent and walked away with a CD of images and no album. I realize now what a big mistake we made because we still don't have a wedding album. I realize now that if we figured it into the wedding budget I would have a wedding album. Now that the wedding is over with its hard to come up with the extra money to spend on a wedding album. We have so many other things we need to take care of.... like purchasing $100 worth of car parts to repair my Honda. ggrrrr! Anyway, I decided to come up with a wedding package that has the coverage you want without all those little extras. Then you can spend the extra money you would have invested in a print credit and purchase a really sexy wedding album that you will want to leave on the coffee table. I received 457 4x6 prints and where are they now? in the drawer collecting dust.

So, here is the new package:
Photojournalist Package - $995
Unlimited Wedding Day Coverage (I start when you tell me too and stop when you tell me too)
Unlimited Locations
Engagement Session on Location
Bridal Session on Location
Online Proofing/Private Gallery
Wedding Day Pictures on Disc (4x6 proof size)

Then I will pre-design your wedding album and you can help with the design. Using your proof disc let me know what pictures to change or pages to add and we will work on it until its exactly what you want. You can even share the design with friends and family and get their feedback because you never know... they might want a copy too.

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