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Utah Wedding Photography - Lynn + Jarom

Lynn + Jarom
August 12, 2010
Timpanogos Temple


We were both students. Lynn was going to BYU, Jarom was attending UVU.

How the couple met:
We had known each other in high school, but not very well. We had seen each other in the hallways, but never spoke. Four years after I graduated high school, I got back from a study abroad to find that my best friend was dating Jarom's best friend. We all hung out together a lot, but Jarom and I never really hung out alone. One night Jarom threw a show for his friend Sean who was in the band Forest World. After the show, we finally got to spend some time alone with each other. It was the first time we had ever hung out, just the two of us, but it was also the night of our first kiss! We knew we liked each other and didn't bother to beat around the bush!

How he proposed:
We knew we wanted to get married before Jarom officially proposed. We had actually spent the whole day looking at wedding dresses for me the night he proposed. We got back late at night and I was super tired, but Jarom insisted we go on a walk. Reluctantly I agreed. We walked over to the spot of our first kiss, he gave me a hug, and dropped on his knee. At first I thought he was joking, but when he pulled out a ring, I knew it was the real deal.

Bridal shower/Bachelorette party:
I had a bridal shower that my aunt threw me, and a more naughty bachelorette thrown by some old work friends. ;)

Bachelor party:
Nothing official, the night before the wedding his friends took him out for Burgers Supreme.


Ceremony Place:
Timpanogos Temple.

August 12, 2010

The bride wore:
Custom dress by Jessica May Bridal. It was beautiful and fit me perfectly!

The groom wore:
H&M grey two button suit.


Reception Place:
Southworth Hall in Provo

Wedding music:
Ipod playlist and the band Forest World!

A work of labor by friends and family. Everyone chipped in and brought a little dessert or a yummy dip.

An old spice cake recipe from Jarom's grandma. Jarom's mom made and frosted it herself. It was delicious and looked so amazing!

Pumpkin orange, wasabi green, and dark plum accents.

DIY, relaxed, and rocking! We wanted our reception to feel like a gathering of close friends and family, rather than a traditional reception with a huge cake and ill-fitting rented tuxes.

We bought them wholesale from Red Mountain Floral in Provo. I had a bridesmaid who was very skilled in floral design arrange everything from the bridal bouquet to boutonnieres and centerpieces!

Décor elements:
Antique bottles from a private collection filled with wildflowers, large jars full of oranges and granny smith apples. We hung orange and green paper lanterns from the ceiling in various sizes at various lengths. We also had a DIY photobooth made from an old duvet cover and a camera on a tripod. Everything was thrown together, but it looked fabulous.

Unique details:
We did mostly everything ourselves. We didn't hire a caterer, a wedding planner, or anyone to help us with the reception. All of our friends and family pulled together and helped out. It was a little hectic, but it was amazing to see everyone help out and pitch in for our special day. We also saved a bunch of money!


Bride's answer:
The day went by so quickly it's hard to tell. Probably sitting in the temple with Jarom, it was the only peaceful moment of the day. We held hands quietly and rested our heads on each other's shoulders before the sealing.

Groom's answer:
Ditto to the above. :) Also, the amount of people that showed up for the reception. A lot more than we expected!


Place: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A memorable moment of the honeymoon:
All you can eat food and room service 24 hours a day! And all the free drinks you wanted! We had our fair share of virgin margaritas and piña colodas!.

Just relax! Since we did everything ourselves, it felt like we had a huge workload. The day of the wedding we were running around getting the reception hall set up and decorated, as well as bringing in our own food and refreshments. In retrospect, I probably would have hired a caterer, it would have been worth the extra money to be able to see my family and friends relax. But, everyone who helped said that it was enjoyable and that the whole day was a success! Even when a group of salsa dancers showed up an hour into our reception because of a scheduling miscommunication with the venue. :P


Goldsmiths Jewelers in Provo. They treated us like royalty!

We designed them ourselves (with a lot of help from my photoshop genius younger brother.) Jarom's uncle from Topel Printing printed the invitations and envelopes.

Rehearsal dinner:
None. We had a casual and relaxed luncheon the day of. Jarom's mom made pulled pork and a cake that looked like a cheeseburger!

Guest book:
Opie Foto. It was gorgeous!

Opie Foto. She was amazing and very professional.

Bridal gown:
Custom by Jessica May Bridal.

Since it was a custom, it was all done by Jessica May. It was beautiful.

Hair and Makeup:
Jarom's cousin, the famous Emiley Golie of Lunatic Fringe, did both. She captured my style perfectly.

Bridesmaids' dresses:
Shabby Apple. So cute!

Groom’s Tux/Suit:
Suit from H&M. Two button, grey.

Red Mountain Floral, wholesale.

Decorations and rentals:
From all over the place. I borrowed my friend's antique bottle collection for centerpieces. Everything else was borrowed from friends or family or bought online.

My mom. :) She cooked a lot of desserts. More family and friends pitched in and brought little treats too.

Jarom's mom made a spice cake with an old family recipe. It was so delicious and looked so good!

Southworth Hall.

Forest World!

Wedding favors:
All of the dessert leftovers. :P We had a mountain of food leftover!

Wedding planner:
My mom, again. She was such an angel. She recruited all of her friends to help out in the kitchen during the reception and to make food in advance. She kept a notebook where she wrote down ALL of the details of the wedding. My mom really planned the wedding, she did more than the bride did!

Temple Sealer C. Max Caldwell

Jarom's VW Jetta, Peppy. :)

Guest lodging:
Family stayed at relative's houses. It was a very family oriented event. :)

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