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Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photographer

Alicia and Brandon
February 6, 2010
South Jordan, Utah

Engagement Pictures


Occupations: Bride: Office Manager; Groom: Project Director for a Market Research Firm

How the couple met: Brandon and I met at work almost four years ago, but we didn't start dating until 2008.

How he proposed: Brandon had been wanting to go camping for a while, but our schedules and the weather had not been very cooperative. One Sunday he asked that we go up to Sundace for a little hike. When we got to the top there was a large open area where all you could see for miles was trees and mountains. Once there he started telling me that he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He also said that he wanted to form a family and spend the rest of his life happy, with me. I really didn't think anything was going on because he is always sweet and says things like that so it was not out of the ordinary for me. We hugged, kissed and THEN I saw him go down on one knee...he looked into my eyes and asked, "will you marry me?"...amidst a shriek and a dozen "Oh my gosh[es]" I said yes! He chose the perfect way to propose and we couldn't be happier!

Bridal shower/Bachelorette party: I had a bridal shower at Brandon's grandmother's home. It was nice because I got to spend some time with his sisters, mother, my mom, and his cousins and aunts. I had a bachelorette party at Hooters! I had always wanted to go there to see what the hype was all about so I requested to have my party there. It was FUN hanging out with my closest friends (in Utah). Brandon had two bachelor parties. One was with his 5 brothers, dad, and 1 brother-in-law. The second was with his closest friends. They saw a UFC fight and played poker. He had a lot of fun. :)


Ceremony Place: Noah's in South Jordan

Date: February 6, 2010

The bride wore: David's Bridal

The groom wore: Clark's Tuxedo


Reception Place: Noah's in South Jordan

Wedding music: There were several songs, but most of the pre-ceremony music was by The O'Neil Brothers. The processional was Canon in D.

Wedding song: Somos Novios, covered by Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera

Menu: Fajita Bar and strawberry lemonade provided by Utah Celebrations Catering in Provo, Utah

Cake: The cake was made by my Mom! The first tier was a Tres Leches cake which is a Mexican traditional cake. It was stuffed with peaches. The second and third tiers were were made with a chocolate cake with real strawberries and cream for stuffing (is that what you call it)? The cake was covered in coconut.

Colors: Plum and Dark Gray

Flowers: Flowers were provided by The Rose Shop in Idaho Falls.

D├ęcor elements: We had linens provided by a linen's company in Idaho Falls.

Unique details: We had a couple of manzanita tress on the buffett table, we had an activity room adjacent to the reception hall with a pool table, computer, and TV for our guest's children to entertain themselves while their parents danced in the next room!


Bride's answer: There were so many special moments during the wedding that I loved! I loved walking down the isle and looking into Brandon's eyes. Or when we were saying "I do" and Brandon's eyes got a little teary and his hands started shaking. I also LOVED our first dance. It really felt like we were the only people in the room for a moment and it was just SO awesome.

Groom's answer: Brandon's most memorable moment was me walking down the isle.


Place: Our first stop was Las Vegas, NV. Our second stop was Anaheim, CA. In Vegas we stayed at the Stratosphere, went to the Top of the World restaurant, gambled (just a little), walked the strip, and just had fun! In Anaheim we went to Disneyland and California Adventures.

A memorable moment of the honeymoon: The good moment: The most memorable moment was being in the Merry Go Round in California Adverntures and Brandon leaved over, hugged me, and whispered in my ear, "I love you". It was just sweet and being up in the air made it so special. The not-so-good moment: When we lost our windshield wiper in the freeway and it was POURING and we were in the middle of four semi trucks and we couldn't see A THING!

WEDDING ADVICE: I would advice bride's to relax! RELAX! The most important part of a marriage is finding the right person so chances are you've probably already done that. Everything else is a plus. I would also advice brides NOT TO BE RUDE to Bridal Consultants! Don't demand things and DON'T yell at people! Consultants are there to help you NOT to serve you and obey your every whim. Be reasonable! No one likes a Bridezilla. That was my biggest pet pieve when I would go shopping! I don't care what people say a Bridezilla is NOT beautiful. You just want to smack them!
In order to reduce stress I would advice Brides to narrow a theme, color scheme, dress styles, and everything else down to two or three ideas BEFORE you go shopping. You're bound to change your mind, but having things in mind before you start shopping definitely helps. And make a notebook where you can keep pictures for inspiration. Vendors will be able to help you more if they have a picture they can see. No one reads minds yet girls!


Rings: Bride: Wilson Diamonds; Groom: Wade Peterson, Wedding Rings Forever

Invitations: Concept created by Bride, put together by Graphic Artist Mike from Copies Plus Printing in Springville

Rehearsal dinner: We didn't have a rehearsal dinner.

Guest book: Created online at MyPublisher.com

Photography: OpieFoto!!!

Bridal gown: David's Bridal

Alterations: Pam at David's Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Bride did her own makeup; hair by April Higham (www.hairtease.blogspot.com)

Groom’s Tux/Suit: Clark's Tuxedo

Flowers: The Rose Shop, Idaho Falls

Decorations and rentals: Part Rentals, Idaho Falls

Catering: Utah Celebrations

Cake: My Mom

Venue: Noah's in South Jordan

Entertainment/Music: iPod

Officiant: Bishop Pullham

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