Monday, November 2, 2009

Utah Boudoir Photography - Christmas

Hey ladies, if your looking to do boudoir pictures as a Christmas gift please contact me ASAP for available days. Weekends are already getting booked and I've already had a flood of inquiries today. The last day I'll be shooting boudoir for Christmas is December 13th. The deadline to order your boudoir album or calendar is December 18th. Any boudoir sessions scheduled after December 13th will be considered Valentines Day gifts. Please plan ahead and book your session now.

*Please note: It takes about 2 weeks to process boudoir pictures and 1-2 weeks to get an album or calendar completed.

Deadline for Boudoir Photo Shoot: December 13th
Deadline to Place Order: December 18th

Valentines Day
Deadline for Boudoir Photo Shoot: January 31st
Deadline to Place Order: February 5th

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