Monday, August 17, 2009

Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography - Jayme + Aaron

I had a blast shooting Jayme and Aaron's engagement pictures at the Great Salt Lake. Aaron plays world of warcraft so of course I had to poke a little fun at him about the video game. Jayme is like my twin because she drives a black Scion XB and I drive a black Honda Element (our little toaster cars). We both have fun red hair and we both have a colored stone for our engagement rings. Jayme has a black diamond and I have a dark red ruby. Stay tuned for Jayme's stunning brial pictures. I can't post them until after the wedding on September 19th.


colby said...

Her hair and eyes are gorgeous. Wow.

Jayme said...

awwe thanks! haha. And I am loving the pictures. You are AMAZING opie!
Thanks so much. I cant wait to see the bridals in person!