Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jayme [Boudoir] - Salt Lake Boudoir Photography

I shot Jayme's boudoir session a few weeks ago but I've been so swamped with back to back photo shoots that I haven't had time to post these on the blog. Jayme's boudoir pictures were the first to be shot in the new studio. I must say that I LOVE my new studio space. It's really sexy and very boudoir. Anyway, Jayme is a banker by day and a model by night. The same day as the photo shoot Jayme went over to the South Towne Expo Center Bridal Expo and modeled wedding dresses for the rest of the day. Super fun! My favorite outfit from this photo shoot is the nerdy glasses with the baby blue panties and a magazine. I just love this look because I have nerdy glasses and I think smart is sexy. Enjoy!

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Becca said...

haha, I went to High School with her. Not going to lie, that was a little weird. But again, your shots are amazing and yes, the studio is super sexy!