Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dustin + Molly [Engagements]

This is one of those "epic" engagement shoots. I woke up at the crack of dawn and drove up to Park City to shoot Molly and Dustin's engagement pictures. Molly flew in from Oregon and would only be here for the weekend. We found out a big snow storm was going to hit on Sunday so we moved the photo shoot to Saturday morning. Molly arranged to have her aunt bring up their grandmother's car while Dustin arranged a ride on the ski lift. I arranged to be their with a camera ;). Since we started in the morning it was a race against the sun because the lighting would just get worse, not better. We started out with the ski lift and that woke me up in a hurry since I thought I would fall to my death. Then we parked the car up a path with trees and did some pictures there. We ended the photo shoot with some pictures on main street in Park City. It was a morning full of adventure. Oh yeah, I'm shooting their wedding too! They are getting hitched on May 14th at the very hip Pierpont Place in downtown Salt Lake City.


Kathy Daume' said...

Opie- these are stunning!!! I love how the colors just pop. Your processing is so beautiful! And I especially love the ones that are kind of muted and almost vintage-y looking and then have that unexpected pop of turquoise in the car. You just get better and better!!!

Dustin + Molly said...

Yay! We love them Opie!!
You make us look way better than we do in that's a good photographer!

Thanks for being such a good sport with the ski lift...thats no easy task for a non-skier who's afraid of heights ;-)

You are truly talented Opie! I can't wait to have you there for the wedding!


Folks Photography said...

gorgeous photos!!! i haven't ever done such a daring shoot before, and you pulled it off better than I could imagine! great job!! love the diversity!