Thursday, May 8, 2008

Michelle & Collin [Portraits]

So Michelle and Collin's photo shoot totally rocked! I shot these portraits on Tuesday afternoon. You don't have to be getting married to get some awesome pictures. These two have been married for a while now but they were all over each other like newly weds. I shot Michelle's boudoir pictures in December and she sent the photos to Collin who was in Iraq. He 's in town for 2 weeks so we got together for a photo shoot. While Collin was in Iraq he sent Michelle pictures of curious George in various locations. They brought him along for the photo shoot. Enjoy!

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Brandy said...

good grief - where on earth do those graffiti walls exist? I am just drooling. I'm seriously thinking trip to Salt Lake so you can take me on an artsy tour : )

awesome shots. Love the wall the most, and the climbing the fire escape series. Cute