Sunday, April 20, 2008

OpieFoto Booth - Thanksgiving Point Bridal Expo

Holy Cow! I am so tired from the Thanksgiving Point Bridal Expo on Friday and Saturday. My husband said I feel asleep at 9:30pm but I don't believe him. I had a blast at the expo and there were several times where my booth was crowded with several groups all begging to see albums. The booth set up was perfect with two black leather chairs, two black leather ottomans, and two white square tables. Then I had a metal and glass cafe table with two cafe chairs. I had so many people gasp when they saw the 20x30 canvas gallery wrap displayed on an easel. Also, the bright orange flowers from Whimsy Floral were a big hit. I had so many people ask me if I did wedding flowers as well. Nope! I just take pictures. :) I asked a bunch of brides when they are getting married and most said: August, September, October. There were a ton with wedding dates on 08-01-08 and 08-08-08. Seriously, if your getting married August-October you need to be calling vendors to see if they are available. The best vendors get booked months in advance.

Everyone's favorite flower was the pin cushion flower in the center.

Love the orange tulips.

Everyone was drooling over this 10x10 60 side orange leather flush mount album.

Common Questions:

Do you travel?
Yes! I love to travel! It doesn't matter if you are getting married a few hours away or in another state I'll travel for your wedding. Please email me for a travel quote:

What is a product credit?
The product credit can be used toward a wedding album, prints, canvas gallery wrap, parents albums, whatever.

Do you do video?
I pride myself on doing one thing really well, photography. E-mail me for a videographer recommendation.

What is your deposit?
I require a $200 deposit and a signed contract to reserve your wedding day.

Do you include prints in your packages?
Yes. Instead of giving you a fixed amount of prints (100 4x6, 4 5x7, 2 8x10, and 1 11x14) I include a product credit to be used toward the prints and products you want.

Can I have the digital negatives?
A high res wedding disc is included in all of my photography packages.

If you stopped by my booth at the expo please leave a little comment on my blog. I would love to hear who you are and when you are getting married.


grimish said...

I feel so loved that our engagement picture was displayed! Everything looked great!!!

Brandy said...

Opie, glad your show went great. The booth looked fabulous I agree the gallery wrap rocked. Loved the orange flowers.

Steve said...

Hi Opie - it was nice to meet you and to see both your excellent booth and your beautiful photography. I hope you pick up tons of weddings from the expo. Not that you asked, but I think your work is so good that your prices are too low! All my best!

Steve Fogarty