Monday, October 8, 2007

Brighton, Utah - 10.05.07 - Jeff + Naina

Jeff and Naina got hitched on Friday, October 5th inside a small lodge at Brighton ski resort. The day started off with rain and then turned into snow by the end of the evening. The lodge was decorated with warm tones of orange, gold, brown, and red. Then for dinner everyone warmed up with some yummy naan, chicken curry, and rice. Oh! the mago ice cream rocked!

Husband and Wife!
A few quick pictures in the rain.
Look at how cool Naina's hands turned out!
yummy gold tones.
So, when I tried taking a picture of the flower girl she became irritated and decided to get me back by blowing bubbles on me for the rest of the night. When I would try and take her picture she would scream and run away. Then she would be right behind me again blowing bubbles all over me. :)

It was important for Naina that her grandmothers wedding ring be part of the wedding.
Pirate vs. Ninja. If a pirate and a ninja got in a fight who would win? I think a ninja would totally win because the pirate couldn't even see the ninja coming. :) One of the most original take toppers I've ever seen.


David Santucci said...

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous pictures!!!

Anna Page Photography said...

What a cool wedding to photograph! All your photos look clean and crisp. Nice job. You just keep getting better and better :)