Saturday, August 18, 2007

Family Pictures at Memory Grove

Brian, Brooke, and Zoe are such a fun bunch. I had a lot of fun at memory grove today shooting their family pictures. Zoe was really excited about all the other dogs playing at the park and didn't care about the ball and dog treats I brought along for her to look at the camera. It was a bit of a challenge to get her to look in my direction when all she wanted to do was go play with the other dogs. I was a little worried it would rain on us so I brought along a large black umbrella. It sprinkled for a little while and then cleared up again. I found it better to embrace the rain instead of fight it so we have a few shots with the umbrella. Enjoy.

First up, Zoe kept looking at Brooke and not at the camera. Still a fun shot.

Zoe looking at the black lab playing fetch.

Finally! We figured out how to get Zoe to look at the camera. Just smash her head in between Brian and Brooke's head. We even got a smile out of Zoe! yes!

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Anna Page Photography said...

Omg, how lucky you are to shoot a cute family with a cute dog! Nice work :)