Monday, April 16, 2007

Utah Trash The Dress Photography

Yesterday, I had the honor to photograph one of the most beautiful women, Lindsay aka "Kid Madusa" at the Great Salt Lake. We made a quick stop at Decades and I purchased a once white wedding dress turning yellow for $38. Then once we got to the lake it took a rather long time to button up the back of the dress. geez! We had two goals for the photo shoot: 1st was to trash a wedding dress in the Great Salt Lake and 2nd was to get some great Ophelia shots for an upcoming gallery show. Lindsay was daring enough to walk out into the lake and sit on a nasty abandoned chair. It was well worth it for the stunning pictures. You can view more Utah Trash the Dress Photography on my website.


Dustin Izatt said...

Holy cow Opie, and you wanted to assist other photographers? It is other photographers that should be wanting to assist you. This stuff is simply amazing for just getting your camera. I am very very impressed. Your compositions, and exposures are perfect. Keep up the good work.

Opie said...

::blushes:: Nah, I still have a lot to learn.

lizzen said...

Wow, she got in the water! I wasn't man enough to get in that nasty chair, but I'm glad someone did. They look awesome.